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Alaska Through the Lens: A Photographer's Dream Cruise

Beachcombing Adventure: Alaska's Hidden Shores Revealed

Embark on a unique beachcombing adventure with our Alaska small ship cruises. Aboard the MY Golden Eagle and MV Sikumi, you will journey through Alaska’s Inside Passage to secluded shores and pristine beaches. This excursion offers more than just a scenic view; it’s an opportunity to explore untouched coastlines, discover natural treasures washed ashore, and experience the serenity of Alaska’s wild beaches. Each trip is a personal encounter with nature’s wonders, far from the crowded routes of larger cruise ships.

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Secluded Shores: Discovering Alaska's Hidden Beaches

Exclusive Access to Secluded Beaches

Our small cruise ship’s ability to navigate to remote areas provides an exclusive beachcombing experience in Alaska’s Inside Passage. With our skiff, we can access pristine and secluded beaches that larger vessels cannot reach, offering a unique opportunity to explore these untouched sanctuaries.

Wander along the shorelines, where each tide brings a new array of natural wonders to uncover. From driftwood and sea glass to unique marine life, these quiet, isolated beaches are a haven for both relaxation and discovery.

Beyond the Lens: Discovering Alaska’s Photographic Secrets
Exploring Alaska's Wonders: A Photographer's Insight

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The Joys of Beachcombing

Beach Treasures: A Shoreline Adventure

Beachcombing in Alaska is an activity that appeals to all ages and interests. As you stroll along the serene beaches, you’ll find a variety of natural treasures, each telling a story of the sea. Building a fire on a perfect beach, surrounded by the sounds of the ocean and wildlife, enhances this tranquil experience.

It’s not just about what you find, but also about the peaceful moments and connections made with nature and fellow explorers on these shores.

Intriguing Explorations: Beyond the Beach

From Shore to Forest: Expanding the Adventure

This title and subtitle invite you to explore beyond the beach, hinting at the diverse landscapes and experiences that await in our beachcombing excursions.

From the sandy shores to the nearby forests, each step is an opportunity to encounter Alaska’s varied and abundant natural beauty.

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Alaska Small Ship Excursions
FAQ - Beachcombing & Shore Excrusions

Are Alaska shore excursions expensive?

The cost of Alaska shore excursions on Alaska Uncharted is Free. Our small ship cruises focus on providing value through intimate, exclusive experiences that are often more fulfilling than larger, more crowded tours.

What is the best cruise excursion for Alaska?

he best cruise excursion in Alaska depends on your interests. For those who love nature and tranquility, beachcombing and hiking trips are exceptional. If you’re seeking wildlife and scenic vistas, glacier and wildlife watching excursions are highly recommended.

Are excursions worth it on an Alaskan cruise?

Absolutely. Excursions on an Alaskan cruise offer unique opportunities to explore the stunning natural beauty and wildlife of Alaska up close. These experiences provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Alaskan wilderness, making them a worthwhile addition to your cruise.

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Many large cruise lines will make you pick an activity for your trip and charge you if you want to experience more. We want our guests to have new and fantastic experiences without the added pressure of an additional bill at the end of the cruise.