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Alaska Birding Tours: A Symphony in the Skies

Alaska Birdwatching Cruise Adventures

Set sail on a captivating journey through Alaska’s Inside Passage with our specialized birding cruises on the MY Golden Eagle and MV Sikumi. These excursions are a birdwatcher’s dream, offering the chance to observe an array of bird species, including the majestic bald eagles and the vibrant puffins. As you navigate the serene waters, enjoy the intimate and peaceful atmosphere of a small ship, providing a perfect backdrop for birdwatching. Our cruises blend the excitement of discovering rare bird species with the tranquility of Alaska’s natural beauty.

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Eagle Encounters: Witnessing Alaska's Iconic Bird

Majestic Eagles of the Inside Passage

The bald eagle, Alaska’s iconic bird, offers a mesmerizing sight for birdwatchers. On our cruises, guests have the opportunity to observe these majestic birds up close in their natural environment. Witness the awe-inspiring sight of eagles swooping down to snatch fish from the sea or perching regally atop trees.

Our small ship size provides a unique vantage point for intimate and unobstructed views of these magnificent birds, enhancing your birdwatching experience.

Feathers and Flight: A Closer Look at Alaska's Birdlife
Exploring Alaska's Avian Wonders

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Puffins and Other Unique Bird Species

Puffin Playgrounds: Exploring Diverse Birdlife

Alaska’s birding tours are not just about eagles; they’re also home to delightful puffins and a variety of other unique bird species. Our excursions offer the chance to see these charming birds, known for their colorful beaks and playful nature.

Spotting a puffin in the wild is a special moment, and our knowledgeable crew can help you identify the different species, adding an educational element to your adventure.

Intriguing Birdlife: The Migratory Wonders

Feathered Travelers: Alaska’s Seasonal Avian Guests

This title and subtitle set the stage for an exciting exploration of Alaska’s migratory birds, enticing the viewer to learn more about the dynamic avian life that enriches the Alaskan skies seasonally.

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Alaska Small Ship Excursions
FAQ - Birding Excursion & Tours

When should I go birding in Alaska?

The best time for birding in Alaska varies depending on the species you’re interested in. Generally, the spring and summer months, from May to September, offer the best birdwatching opportunities. During this time, migratory birds return, and many species are nesting and rearing their young.

What is the best month to see wildlife on an Alaska cruise?

June and July are typically considered the best months to see a wide range of wildlife on an Alaska cruise, including birds. This period coincides with milder weather and the height of the breeding season for many bird species.

Best Equipment for Birding?

A good pair of binoculars is essential for birdwatching. Opt for waterproof and fog-proof ones for the Alaskan climate. A field guide to Alaskan birds can also be very helpful. For those interested in bird photography, a camera with a good zoom lens is recommended.

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