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Embrace the Chill: Unveiling the Secrets of Ice Giants

Alaska Glacier Cruise: Navigating the Ice Wonders

Embark on a breathtaking journey with our Alaska Glacier Cruise, navigating through the serene and icy waters of the Inside Passage. From the deck of the MY Golden Eagle or MV Sikumi, witness the splendor of towering glaciers and the dynamic dance of icebergs calving into the ocean. This cruise offers more than a voyage; it’s an intimate encounter with the frozen heart of Alaska, where the grandeur of nature meets the thrill of discovery. Experience the raw beauty of these icy behemoths and the abundant wildlife that thrives in their shadow, all while enjoying the comfort and intimacy of a small ship excursion tailored to your preferences.

Must Watch Glacier Calving Video
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alaska glacier cruise excursions
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Navigating Through Ice: The Glacial Majesty of Alaska

Glacial Wonders of the Inside Passage

Alaska’s Inside Passage is home to a spectacular array of glaciers, each with its unique charm and character. As you cruise through these ice-strewn waters aboard our small ships, you’ll have prime opportunities for photography and observation.

Witness the grandeur of these ancient ice giants up close. The intimacy of our small ship excursions allows for unparalleled views of the glaciers, offering a profound understanding of their scale and beauty. This journey is not just about seeing glaciers; it’s about experiencing their living history.

Into the Ice Realm: Beyond the Blue Horizon
Unfolding the Glacial Saga: The Adventure Begins

alaska glacier cruise excursions kayaking iceburgs

Kayaking Among Icebergs

Paddle Through Time: A Closer Look at Glacial Waters

Immerse yourself in the heart of glacial beauty by kayaking alongside icebergs. This unique perspective, possible only with our small ships, brings you face-to-face with the towering ice formations. Glide silently among the floating ice, witnessing the vibrant blues and intricate structures of the icebergs.

This peaceful, yet exhilarating activity allows for a connection with nature that is both intimate and profound. Each paddle stroke brings you closer to understanding the delicate balance of Alaska’s glacial ecosystem.

Wildlife Encounters in Glacial Waters

Life on the Ice: Discovering Alaska’s Marine Inhabitants

In the cold, nutrient-rich waters around the glaciers, wildlife thrives. As you cruise through these pristine environments, keep an eye out for harbor seals often seen resting on ice floes, protecting their pups from predators. The quiet approach of our small ships allows for respectful and close-up wildlife viewing, offering a chance to observe these creatures in their natural habitat.

Witness the diverse birdlife, from soaring eagles to elusive puffins, each playing a role in this unique ecosystem.

alaska glacier ICEBERG sea otters cruise excursions
alaska glacier cruise excursions

Tailored Glacier Exploration

Customized Journeys: Your Personal Glacier Adventure

Every traveler has unique aspirations for their glacier cruise experience, and we honor this by offering tailored glacier excursions. Whether you seek a leisurely journey admiring the glaciers from the comfort of our deck or an adventurous route kayaking through iceberg-laden waters, we can customize your journey.

Our excursion options range from up-close exploration of ice formations to relaxing scenic routes that highlight the grandeur of Alaska’s icy landscapes. We work with you to create a glacier experience that aligns with your interests and activity levels, ensuring a memorable and personal adventure.

Frozen in Time: Glacier Majesty Captured
Ice Giants of Alaska: A Photographic Voyage

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FAQ - Glacier Excursions & Cruise

What is the best time for glacier viewing on the cruise?

The prime time for glacier viewing in Alaska is during the summer months, from June to September, when the weather is milder and the days are longer.

What should I wear for a glacier excursion?

While viewing glaciers from our ship, comfort and adaptability to Alaska’s varied weather are key. Dressing in layers is ideal, as it allows you to adjust to changing temperatures. Even in summer, it can be cool on the water, especially near glaciers. So, a warm base layer, a fleece or sweater, and a waterproof outer layer are recommended. Don’t forget a hat and gloves for chillier days. This approach ensures you’re prepared for any weather while enjoying the spectacular glacier views.

How safe are glacier excursions?

Safety is paramount on our glacier excursions. Our ships, including the MY Golden Eagle and MV Sikumi, are expedition-grade vessels designed to navigate the unique conditions of Alaska’s waters. In the rare event of significant glacial calving, these ships are well-equipped to handle the resulting waves. During glacier excursions, guests typically remain on board, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and spectacular viewing experience.

What types of glaciers will we visit?

You’ll see a variety of glaciers, including tidewater and valley glaciers, each offering unique landscapes and wildlife viewing opportunities.

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