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Sightseeing on the M/V Sikumi

When visiting Southern Alaska you’ll find yourself sightseeing most of your waking hours. The natural beauty of Alaska’s waterways, coupled with the numerous and diverse collection of wildlife, make Alaska a destination truly unique and unforgettable.

Alaska Uncharted offers passengers opportunities for sightseeing simply unavailable anywhere else on earth. From the decks of our flagship, the M.V. Sikumi, to the flight seeing flights we can arrange, to snowmachines you can ride virtually anywhere, the vast array of Alaskan scenery is simply breathtaking and overpowering.

From our boat you can embark on excursions to shore in one of our smaller crafts. Set off on hiking adventures or relax on a secluded beach around a bonfire. Perhaps you would like to take advantage of one of the eight kayaks we carry aboard for some sea kayaking amidst floating icebergs. Whatever your preferences may include, the Sikumi can accommodate you and your group.

In addition to cruises from the Pacific Northwest across Southern Alaska, Alaska Uncharted offers such adventures as flight seeing, snowmachining , and deep-sea fishing. Perhaps the most difficult part of your Custom Alaska Cruise will be deciding which activities you want to partake in.